This post is still a work-in-progress. A few friends have asked for recommendations of places to visit and things to do in Singapore. So here is a list of my favourite things that I think are easy to overlook.

The Pinnacle@Duxton

  • 50 storey rooftop park / garden
  • Beautiful for sunset
  • 6 SGD entrance fee (require an MRT card)
  • No food and drink (water is OK)
  • Stay as long as you want, but there’s no toilet :)

Ah Mah Homemade Cake

  • Hot cakes!
  • Perhaps try to share the cake, as a portion is too big for a snack
  • Try to go to a busy location to see the cake being baked before your eyes. In my experience the store at Plaza Singapura was consistently good, but the one time I tried at Changi Airport was mediocre because the cake was not hot anymore.

Chir Chir

  • Surprisingly good Korean fusion chicken (just look at the pictures!)
  • My favourite is the roasted garlic chicken
  • I have only been to the stores at 313@Somerset and Bugis Junction
  • Be careful of ordering too much as the portion is very fulfilling. I usually just order the garlic chicken for 2 people.

Gardens by the Bay

  • The 2 domes are totally worth 28 SGD
  • Nice surrounding area for sightseeing. Can spend a whole day strolling.
  • Be careful of the heat. Maybe use the domes to hide.
  • If visiting during the weekend, try to be at the Marina Barrage about an hour before sunset. There are usually lots of kite flyers, and the view is amazing.
  • Don’t miss the Garden Rhapsody light show

Popiah & Rojak Place

  • A small stall at an unremarkable food court
  • It’s not in the middle of entertainment so a bit inconvenient just for food, but maybe give it a try if you are in the area. The quality is better and the price is lower than other places I’ve tried.
  • Popiah tends to run out fast. I usually tried to be there at about 18:30 and sometimes still couldn’t get popiah. Not sure if they are open for lunch.

Ying Jang Thai Food

  • My favourite place for phad thai / glass noodles / green curry / pineapple fried rice (second floor)
  • The cook is Thai so it’s automagically authentic :)
  • The food court is mostly to serve lunch during the week, though many stalls (including this one) open for dinner too. They close at 19:00 or so.
  • The food court also has a diverse selection. I also like the spinach soup stall.

Singtel Cafeteria

  • A hidden food court
  • It’s open to the public. Singtel staff gets a discount, but even without the discount prices are still awesome. I think it’s only open for lunch during the week.
  • I like the porridge stall, the western food stall, and the salad stall

iSteaks 20 SGD steak at great quality indo chicken the soup spoon